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It is highly recommended that all prospective boat buyers invest in a Pre-Purchase Survey. Boat buyers can utilize this thorough inspection and extensive report to gain a stronger understanding of a vessel's structural integrity, electrical systems, propulsion components, fuel and water systems, cosmetic condition, detectable safety hazards, and more.


This type of survey includes a sea trial and haul-out. The sea trial offers the surveyor an opportunity to assess the vessel's systems while monitoring performance, maneuverability, and overall functionality. The haul-out provides an opportunity to inspect the vessel's wetted surfaces and underwater machinery.


The haul-out logistics and payment are the responsibility of the survey requester. 


Contact us to schedule a survey.

Insurance Surveys

Insurance surveys focus on structural integrity and safety items. In most cases these surveys are performed at the request of your insurance company to ensure that the vessel is an acceptable risk for its intended use. 

For older boats obtaining new policies, insurance underwriters may require a haul-out inspection.


Policy renewal surveys are usually performed in your boat slip or on your trailer. 

Please contact your insurance company for specific requirements.

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Marine Consulting

This is a great option for clients in the market for a boat that have specific questions or would like a third-party opinion to help dissect any phase of the boat buying process. If you are interested in a vessel in our area and would like a less formal inspection, or have specific needs in mind, please contact me for consultation services.

This service is often times recommended for smaller boats that can be meticulously surveyed in a timely manner.

Pre-Purchase Survey

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